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“The Shifting”   I dream a dream in which my house appears to have become a weather station. Satellites in outer space equipped with long range cameras transmit imagery of the Earth to the station, which then displays on our television monitor. The imagery being sent in the dream consists of huge tumbling boulders. I think this may be due to the shifting of land masses on the planet. I gaze through the window at the backyard which is flooded with water. It looks as if some sort of thaw is taking place like at the end of the Ice Age. I awaken with the thought that I am sensing a major change in the world climate. I find this a source both of anxiety and stimulation.   Midrash & Interpretation The house in the dream is the house of the soul which may serve function either as a door through which we are able to pass, or a window through which we are able to gaze. “Satellites in outer space” represent the angels and spirits of the heavenly plane, who, with their “long range cameras,” which is to say their spiritual eyes, view the physical world in all its internal and external cacophony. From their position above, the “orbiting” denizens of the celestial realm transmit their visions and prophecies to the dreamer while he sleeps. The communications they dispatch arrive in the form of sacred energy which the dreaming mind interprets by exercising the power of imagination. Word of the Dream “First knowledge comes in and then you create the images." Indeed, the dreaming mind is like the receiver in a television set that translates an electronic signal into a form we are able to see and hear on the television screen. The difference is that the signal of the dream consists of an energy form that cannot be measured or defined according to the laws of scientific materialism and the image, sound and text it contains are displayed not on an electronic device but inside our head, in the eye of the mind when we have a mystical dream. On a figurative level, the huge tumbling boulders, the shifting land masses, the great flood that comes after the thaw may be interpreted as representing actual human migrations, the mass movements which, as we have seen with the refugee crisis in Africa and the Middle East, may accompany shifts relocations in the socio-political landscape, but it is the deeper, symbolic level that is more important to understand. The huge tumbling boulders, the shifting land masses, the great flood that comes after the thaw, on a deeper level these are symbolic of the psycho-spiritual “weather” conditions that radiate from the collective soul, which the collective soul brings forth, inspires or provokes. Alongside its ability to receive the dream signal from the “satellites” of the heavenly plane, when it is active on the highest level, the individual soul, represented by the multi-level structure of the house, is able on its own to operate in the form of a psychic “weather station.” It does this when it senses the various conditions at work in the non-physical world, the “temperature changes,” the “storm fronts,” the “wind currents” brought forth by the souls of the collective, psychic organism in which it participates and to which it belongs. This is the meaning the statement “I gaze through the window at the backyard.” When the frozen ice bergs of obsolete, inflexible institutions, be they cultural, religious or political begin to melt, when the crystalized social structures of a dying age begin to thaw, then the needs (for security, order, validation), as well as the hopes and aspirations of those who have participated in, depended upon and sometimes suffered under said institutions, of the people those institutions and structures, (by which I mean both the abstract concepts and the material entities which support them) were meant to guide, serve, validate and fulfill naturally find release in a flood of liberated angry, desperate emotion on the one hand and openness, optimism and joy on the other. This is the meaning of the statement “I find this a source both of anxiety and stimulation.” Indeed, in every attempt at revolution there are always the progressives who desire or propel the change at hand, who feel liberated and excited by it, and the reactionaries who despise, fear and resist it. The reason that, with the end of every human epoch there is conflict between those who think they benefit from and are better off with the status quo and those who seek to challenge it has to do with the complicated nature of the human heart. Even when there is no logical reason to feel threatened, some people fear change and some embrace it despite their fears. Some seek it out and some avoid it. Those who say for instance that they want to “make America great again,” really mean they want to make America safe again, safe for their prejudice, safe for their privilege, safe for their arrogance, safe for their simplistic views of sex, gender, race, God and country; safe for their own brand of narrow absolutism. “Great” for them means the way it used to be, however racist, sexist, homophobic, economically unjust, politically ruthless or militarily triumphalist. Even when the changes they fear will in reality expand rather than diminish their individual world, they refute them.
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